Free Speech

Palmetto State Watch – Alaina Moore

Alaina Moore provides us with the perspective of the local journalism and transparency organization, Palmetto State Watch. We thank Alaina and Evan Mulch for their time and enthusiasm addressing these urgent responsibilities for our citizenry.

Kenny McDowell – Progress against inappropriate material in school libraries

Kenny McDowell presents strategies coordinating pastors against age-inappropriate and developmentally disruptive materials being introduced to school children. The institutions supplying our schools’ materials are under tremendous pressure to promote sexual material, culturally divisive and developmentally hazardous identity politics to impressionable…

#SpeakUpSC Social Media Campaign

Speak Up South Carolina is a week of empowerment and advocacy aiming to bring a voice back to the people of South Carolina. We will have many opportunities throughout the week for citizens to learn, share and engage with one…

Introduction: SC Health Rights Cooperative

A 4-minute introduction to some of the stories shared during #SpeakUpSC week.Visit the Facebook page and join the chorus!

Faith Dowden – SC Elections Civil Lawsuit

Faith Dowden’s educational presentation on digital ballot systems and ongoing measures to ensure election integrity in SC.Presented at Spartanburg Christian Action Network.

Dr. Robert Poole – SC Health Rights Cooperative

Through the upcoming “Speak Up South Carolina” (#SpeakUpSC) campaign the week of October 23rd, the SC Health Rights Cooperative aims to lift the voices of those who have been censored, silenced and/or ignored. To that end, they are highlighting stories…