Culture Conflict

Stan Tzouvelekas – Nuisance Business Ordinance

Stan Tzouvelekas is the elected representative for Greenville County Council District 22. He shares with Evan Mulch a resolution he has presented to address consistent crime and police response at the Greenville Women’s Health Clinic.

Kenny McDowell – Progress against inappropriate material in school libraries

Kenny McDowell presents strategies coordinating pastors against age-inappropriate and developmentally disruptive materials being introduced to school children. The institutions supplying our schools’ materials are under tremendous pressure to promote sexual material, culturally divisive and developmentally hazardous identity politics to impressionable…

Laura Tario – School Board Culture Conflict

Presented at Spartanburg Christian Action Network – October 17, 2023

Holidays as Territory: Flags and the Principles Implicit in Trappings

You may have noticed that certain holidays often coincide, leading to a feeling akin to flags being planted on the same hill. Holidays, at their core, represent their territory in recurring time. They are marked by specific days and by…